Kamloops West Senators Club Qualifications:

• Past President/Board member
• Rule of 85
• Minimum age 62
• Minimum 15 years past service with KWR
• Exceptional past service to KWR
• Must be voted on and approved by majority vote of the board

Kamloops West Senators Club Obligations:

• Attend minimum 2 KWR Club meetings a year, including preferably the Installation of Officers meeting.  The Senator will be responsible for all meal costs when attending any KWR Club meeting or function.
• Be available for Firesides meetings to present on the history KWR.
• Have an open invitation to attend and participate in any and all Kamloops West Rotary functions, projects and fund raisers (includes Spouse and Family members). Moreover, on a discretionary basis retain the right and privilege to continue to support the Rotary Foundation and applicable programs.
• To act as an advisor to current or incoming leadershipwith respect to KWR matters.
• Receive Club correspondence via Club Runner as a Friend of Rotary to be kept current on all Club matters.  Also includes mailing of the Rotarian (cost $12.00 per year per Senator to the Club) upon request.
• Sign and accept the KWR Senators Club pledge acknowledging their continued affiliation to KWR. 

Kamloops West Senators Club Restrictions:

• Kamloops West Senators are friends of Kamloops West
• No KWR Club voting or nomination rights.
• Attendance to any other Rotary Club or Rotary International events prohibited unless a guest of another Rotarian or the KWR Senator re-applying to the Club for active membership - the latter subject to KWR Senator be accepted under the prevailing new member approval process, full payment of RI Dues and re-classification as an active member.
• Not a substitute for being a regularly attending participant at KWR but avoiding payment 

of RI and/or Club Membership dues.


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