Senior's Tea; Terrific Turnout

The Rotary Club of Kamloops West hosted a Senior's Tea on April 2 at the Kamloops Curling Club. The facility showed a good turn out of 14 full tables. With over 130 Seniors contacting us to attend we landed with approximately 105-110 in attendance.
Kamloops West members and friends totalled around 25 volunteers. We served delicious sandwich platters made in house by our hard working volunteers who produced over 525 pieces. The well-appreciated sweet treats, all donated, filled 125 dessert plates. 
This year seniors included those aged 55+, which meant we saw groups of seniors with their adult children. It was a lively mix and all were happy to be able to socialize in person. There was lots of laughs, and fun to be had thanks in part to our MC and his surprise side-kick, (the son of a volunteer Rotaract member.) Musical entertainment was provided by performer Whiskey Jack. 
The décor was Spring-themed with table planters give-aways and 17 doors prizes. Although we were still limited under some health restrictions, with vaccine passports required at the door, the luncheon was a wonderful event and this new spin on our annual Senior’s dinner was a great way to us get back to in-person functions and out in the community! We owe a special thanks to Chartwell as well as KTW for getting the information out. The organizers and volunteers are too many to name (and we don’t want to single anyone out lest miss someone), but know your efforts are hardily appreciated. Bravo!