Dan Carroll is the President of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce.  Dan works with his fellow directors at the Chamber to support Acacia Pangilinan, their dynamic Executive Director and her fantastic Chamber team, as they work to serve Chamber members and promote prosperity and business in Kamloops and the Thompson Nicola region. 
Dan grew up in Kamloops, graduating from KSS before leaving Kamloops for University.  Dan got his law degree at UVic, practiced law for a time in Vancouver and then came home in 1998 where he has practiced law ever since.  Dan is a court room lawyer and a law partner at Fulton., the oldest law firm in British Columbia.  As a partner, Dan is a business owner, responsible along with his other law partners for 70+ staff and lawyers.
Dan is an avid mountain biker and snow boarder.  He and his partner, along with their dog Flynn, enjoy the outdoors and feel lucky to be able to call Kamloops home.