Tune in July 15, 2021... Duane and Cjay Boisclair are our Next Guests

Duane and Cjay Boisclair started in the film industry in 2016 after a random opportunity to be an extra was presented. After falling in love with the industry and seeing the opportunities it could bring to the region, they started Askem Talent and Askem Productions and went on a journey to create film in Kamloops and the surrounding area. After a few years of building up their own skills and films, they have helped draw other productions to the area. Cjay has just finished producing the first two full length films ever filmed in the area and Duane has put Kamloops and surrounding talent on screens shown all over the world.
Cjay has written and produced a short film called Stood up which is currently in over 100 film festivals with over 60 nominations and awards! They are currently preparing to film Cjay’s next film called  The Bench, which will also  filmed in Kamloops