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January 2022

Christmas Party 2021
Thank you to everyone who came to this last year's Christmas party.
A good time was had by all!
Thank you!
Thank you to Wild and Jane Epp, and Barb Newson for the $600 donated during the December auction. This generous donation went to the Mustard Seed.

Did you know we have a Conflict Resolution Committee?

For a number of years, this committee has existed with the sole purpose of providing an ANONYMOUS resolution to any conflict for any club member. The committee consists of Suzanne, Anthony and Stan. If any member is wrestling with interpersonal relationship issues within the club, issues with Rotary International or club regulations, or any other situation impacting membership fulfillment, please contact one of the three members above. A resolution will be sought with only the committee and involved people; no one else will be aware.

Rotary Culture Moment of the Month


We’ve come a long way baby!

For this month’s submission under the “Club History and Culture” banner, I bring to you a few pages of a document handed out to new Rotary member. The document is dedicated to their wives for their wives.

The document is titled “So Your Husband Is A Rotarian”. This booklet is intended to answer some questions about the husbands’ Rotary Club. I copied only 2 of 13 pages I thought were very interesting reading. First is the introduction of the document, and page 2 is titled “HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN”.

Of note on the first page is how they make it clear that the wife’s should be congratulated for being married to a very special man. (last sentence on the page). This is mainly because of the opportunity to share some of the pleasure and excitement that the husband will undoubtedly find in his “Adventure into Rotary.” (3rd paragraph)

The following page is even a more interesting read.

I did not know that Paul Harris was a “lonely young lawyer” trying to find a way to grow his practice. It’s also interesting where and how the name ROTARY was created because of the rotating meeting places.

Anyone who wants a copy of the full booklet, let me know at and I’m happy to forward it to you.

Those were the days.


Brant Hasanen, Club Culture and History

5 Club Newsletter Jan 13 2022.pdf5 Club Newsletter Jan 13 2022.pdf5 Club Newsletter Jan 13 2022.pdf
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JOIN ROTARIANS from across Canada, Alaska and NE USA for a fun, action packed evening, celebrating The Rotary Foundation.  Your registration fee will include $100 credit towards your Paul Harris account. DON’T MISS THIS. 

Featuring leaders in Rotary, motivational speaker and an auction for your to take advantage of. One of the auction items is a Kamloops Experience: Dinner for two, 2 nights hotel, 4 rounds of Golf, or a Rocky Mountaineer Train trip from Idaho to Utah. Donate an auction item or sponsor the event: contact


Membership Committee Report

Stats:  July 1st -57 Active, 9 Honorary = 66 Members.    Jan 1st 2022- 53 Active, 9 Honorary = 62.  -4% YTD, -7% Change. (District High +10, District Low -7) 

Remember “Each One Bring One” prospective member to check out our club! 

Reminder of the Vocations we are targeting for Kamloops West:

  • Media - TV Personality, Radio, Newspaper, Management;
  • Business Owner Retail;
  • Sporting Goods;
  • Clothing Store;
  • Music Store Owner;
  • Commercial Banking;
  • Hospitality Industry;
  • Restaurant;
  • Hotel Management;
  • RCMP;
  • University Professor/ Department Head; and
  • Builder/ Contractor. 

In the interest of all the Vocations we represent in Kamloops West, our Membership Committee would like to encourage all members to talk about their vocation when the opportunity presents itself.  We have a varied group of people involved in many different areas and this opportunity helps each of us get to know our members that much more. 

Did you miss our Membership presentation during our regular meeting this past week?  If so, we asked for thoughts and ideas addressing these three topics:

  1. A creative way to attract a new person to Rotary

  1. A Public image idea to promote Rotary

  1. A Service project that you would like to do in Kamloops

Stay tune for some of the great ideas that came out of this presentation!

Our Efforts Put to Good Use!
On December 20th, Carol Tennessy met with Heidi Coleman, CEO, Royal Inland Hospital Foundation and Caroline Thompson, Campaign Director, to present a cheque representing the second installment of the 5-year pledge from Kamloops West Rotary. These funds are going towards the RIH Hospital Expansion. Well done Kamloops West! 
GOLF CARDS: Grab some gift cards today!

Golf cards are available for members to sell in the community. Contact Dana to arrange pickup of cards.

Remember this is our biggest fundraiser!!

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