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Help us reach our fundraising goals to support our community!
As you may know this Saturday, October 24th is World Polio Day.
We are encouraging all members to take a photo of your meal that day and consider making a donation to the Club's fundraiser for Polio - linked below.
Host your own meal, have fun, and think about a different virus for the day. Thanks to Rotary, we are truly close to eliminating polio from the planet. Let's make it real.

Taste of Oktoberfest - Order yours now!

A Taste of Octoberfest – Take-Away Meal Friday October 16, 2020, 4:30-6pm
🥨A Taste of Octoberfest 🥨 – Take-Away Meal Friday October 16, 2020, 4:30-6pm
Sausages, East German style sauerkraut, warm potato salad, and German chocolate cake (all home made of course) 16 oz Münchener Helles beer from the Noble Pig. Expected minimum donation is $30 or $25 without beer.
Orders to be pre-paid, pay online with a credit card by making a donation to the Kamloops West Rotary club. All orders must be in by Friday Oct 16.
To order email or call 250-314-4468
Consider picking one up for a friend or neighbour.

Hey Members! Contact Jim if you didn't get this email. You can meet face-to-face OR Zoom OR by phone. You have been assigned a name!!! Reach out this week!


Peace Pollinator Garden

Rotary Peace and Pollinator Gardens working crew Saturday.  Attendees: Sherry & Jim Chamberlain, Gary Soles, Carol Tennessy, Barb Newson, Clark Grieve, Kara-Laughlin-Rylan Lemire, Stan Fike. 
Members are also looking into a possible new project we could do – which is to build a community gardens inside the park to feed the animals.

The 2nd Wine Paired Bubble Dinner Party on Wednesday, Sept 30

Dine in or HAVE IT DELIVERED! Post online photos of your event at home to WIN PRIZES!!!

57000 Pounds of Food Collected!

Thank you to everyone in our club and in our Rotary family & community who were able to volunteer, contribute, and spread the word. Here is Bernadette and the Food Bank team's message of thanks:
Hi All.
Thank-you for delivering yellow bags beforehand, picking up donations, unloading on your own, sorting, carrying and cheerleading – the results are incredible.  
57 000 pounds was gathered this food drive and will go a long way ensuring we can feed over 7000 individuals and 54 community agencies.  
We are grateful for your dedication and compassion and truly demonstrating what service above self means.
(for those keeping tabs – this was the highest amount donated in a FALL food drive since 2012)
Thursday September 17th 2020

Our technological future - apocalypse or utopia?


Mark Abbott speaks to Rotary about Our Technological Future

Mark currently serves as the Managing Director of the Engineering Change Lab, which is as a catalyst for evolving the engineering community to reach its full potential as stewards of technology for the benefit of all.  Over the past 5 years, over 150 organizations and 350+ individual leaders (CEOs, VPs, Deans, Directors) have collaborated using the Lab’s platform, advancing understanding and action to evolve engineering.  Previously, Mark served as a member of the Executive Team at Engineers Without Borders for several years.  And before that, Mark spent fourteen years working for a heavy industrial consulting engineering firm based in Vancouver.  Mark and his wife Colette recently moved from downtown Toronto to Kamloops with their 6-year old Felix and 3-year old Stella.
Our technological future - apocalypse or utopia?
The Facebook-Cambridge Analytical scandal, nanoparticle impacts, CRISPR babies -- issues highlighting the negative consequences of technology are all over the news. Technologies have the promise to address key issues and create a better future, yet new developments often amplify inequities and create new kinds of risk.  Join us for a discussion about our technological future, capped off by an overview of how the Engineering Change Lab is seeking to make a positive difference.  

Saturday Social; Will be a Wild Time

For those that feel comfortable social distancing outdoors, please join us at the BC Wildlife Park for a Rotary experience.
Interested in getting your hands dirty? Come earlier and help clean up the Rotary Peace and Pollinator gardens. Bring your gloves and a garden tool.
Come earlier to stroll the park if you like.

Visit the animals in person!

Disease detectives: In a public health crisis, contact tracers are on the case

Contact tracing has been a cornerstone of public health for much of the past century, even before the novel coronavirus.

Major achievement focus of Rotary's World Polio Day event

Rotary’s World Polio Day Online Global Update on 24 October hails this year’s historic achievement in polio eradication.

History: Rotary becomes intercontinental

Rotary HistoryRotary becomes intercontinentalOn 1 August 1912, the Rotary Club of London, Greater London, England, became the first Rotary club in Europe. Although

How Rotary is alleviating the effects of isolation during COVID-19

Throughout the pandemic, members are discovering ways to connect, cope, and care for each other and people in the communities they serve.

For true economic development, women are essential

Here’s why these organizations and their Rotary club partners are supporting local women’s entrepreneurship with financial literacy, small business loans, and one-on-one advisors.

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