Kamloops West members present a donation to Royal Inland Hospital Foundation

Rotary Club of Kamloops West

The Rotary Club of Kamloops West is an active and energetic service club open to anyone in our community who also has a passion for making our community and the world a better place. Through our projects in our community and abroad we build strong and long-lasting friendships with fellow members. If you're wanting to make a difference while having a ton of fun, consider trying Rotary! We'd love to have you as a guest at a meeting or event. 

Charter members

Our club was started in 1980 by three people who had a passion for community service and bringing business people together. These members are:
  • Anthony Muzzillo
  • Ed Ungrin
  • Bryan White

When we meet

All are welcome to our meetings. You can check our calendar for upcoming speakers and meeting information.  

Our Projects

Hospice House Landscaping
Water Park at TRU
Tennis Courts
Flags at Interior Savings Centre
Thrupp Manor Deck
Skateboard Park
Millennium Trail at section of Schubert Drive
Desmond Street Home Yard Cleanup
Random Acts of Kindness for elderly
Seniors Dinner
House of Ruth renovations
Emerald House financial and hands on support
YMCA Women's Shelter
Overlander Hospital Prayer Center
Aids Society building painting
Henry Leland House
Guerin Creek cleanup
Summitt Drive Adopt a Road
Hidden Homeless Initiative
Pit Stop
Local charity support
Crossroads Center
Rotary Community Garden
School Tree Planting
Family Tree Family Resource Centre
Food Bank
TRU Bursaries
TRU Mentorship Programs


Past Presidents

1980 Ed Takahashi
1981 Doug Norman
1982 Bryan White
1983 Bruce Kulla
1984 Ken MacKinlay
1985 Russ Harding
1986 Bob Peace
1987 Ed Ungrin
1988 Carl Abbott
1989 Wes Stephens
1990 Hugh Borrett
1991 Stan Fike
1992 Orvel Dove
1993 John Clements
1994 Ira Withler
1995 Anthony Muzzillo

1996 Roy Simmonds
1997 Kevin McIntyre
1998 Ken Almond
1999 Jeff Glaicar
2000 Ron Salmons
2001 Aaron McRann
2002 Suzanne McCloy
2003 Brent Stanfield
2004 Syd Takahashi
2005 Pete Netherway
2006 Peter Angle
2007 Sherry Chamberlain
2008 Mark Bertoli
2009 Gary Soles
2010 Fiona Chan
2011 Greg Peace
2012 Mike Parker
2013 Brant Hasanen
2014 Anna Harrison
2015 Cindy Piva
2016 Kelly Fawcett
2017 Kelly Fawcett
2018 Gwen Ginter
2019 Tom Johnson
2020 Carol Tennessy
2021 Natalie Garbay
2022 Anthony Muzzillo
2023 Tracy McCall
2024 Suzanne McCloy


Rotarian of the Year

1995-1996 Bill Daviduk
1996-1997 Kevin McIntyre
1997-1998 Syd Takahashi
1998-1999 Pete Netherway
1999-2000 Stan Fike
2000-2001 Jack Sabey
2001-2002 Sherry Chamberlain
2002-2003 Dan Geddert
2003-2004 Jim Piderman
2004-2005 Peter Angle
2005-2006 Gary Soles
2006-2007 Ron Newson
2007-2008 Hugh Borrett
2008-2009 Karen Shaben
2009-2010 Suzanne McCloy
2010-2011 Iris Davies
2011-2012 Mark Bertoli
2012-2013 Sherry Chamberlain
2013-2014 Fiona Chan
2014-2015 Stan Fike 
2015-2016 Anna Harrison
2016-2017 Cindy Piva
2017-2018 Jane Epp
2018-2019 Carol Tennessy
2019-2020 Natalie Garbay
2020-2021 Jim Chamberlain
2021-2022 Dana Koch
2022-2023 Don Fraser & Sandy McKinley


Presidential Award of Appreciation

Presented by the outgoing president, this award recognizes a member who has made an extraordinary difference to the club. This award is not annual and is at the discretion of the president.

2007-2008 to Karen Shaben from Sherry Chamberlain

2008-2009 to Sherry Chamberlain from Mark Bertoli

2014-2015 to Carol Tennessy from Anna Harrison

2015-2016 to Jeff Glaicar from Cindy Piva

2016-2017 to Jane Epp from Kelly Fawcett

2017-2018 to Cindy Piva from Kelly Fawcett

2018-2019 to Anthony Muzzillo from Gwen Ginter

2019-2020 to Wilf Epp from Tom Johnson

2020-2021 to Suzanne McCloy from Carol Tennessy

2021-2022 to Brant Hasanen from Natalie Garbay

2022-2023 to   from Anthony Muzzillo


Club Events
Club Leaders